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Where Is The Advantage Of Tinplate Box Compared With Other Tin Box Packaging Materials?

- Aug 24, 2018 -

At present, the tin box has become an important packaging material, and we pay more and more attention to the packaging of goods, but in so many packaging materials, why do we prefer to use tin box to do packaging? Yixing Xincheng  tells you, tinplate boxes and other metal packaging materials compared to the advantages!

 a. good mechanical properties:
  Compared with other containers tinplate cans, the hardness is relatively large, and good rigidity, not easy to crack in the transport process.

 b. barrier performance is good
  Tinplate can have excellent barrier than any other material, not only can be sealed reliable, reliable protection of the product.

 c. mature technology and high production efficiency:
  The production of tin cans has a long history, not only the technology is mature, but also can improve the production efficiency and meet the packaging requirements of various products.

d. Beautifully decorated:
  Metal material printing performance; logo trademark bright and beautiful, the resulting packaging container is more eye-catching, is a high-quality sales packaging.

e. diverse shapes:
  Tin cans can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as cans, oval cans, round cans, horseshoe-shaped, trapezoidal, etc., not only meet the demand of different products for packaging, but also make packaging containers more diversified and promote sales .