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What Tea Tins For Different Materials?

- Dec 04, 2018 -

The tea is not well preserved. No matter how good the tea is, it will not be a treasure. Tea pots, as containers for storing tea, are also suitable for different types of tea because of their advantages and disadvantages.

Bamboo-wood storage containers are suitable for storing roasted heavy teas. These containers are suitable for carrying and are not suitable for long-term storage. Tea Tins The container should be light and not irritating to avoid the tea adsorbing its taste.


The tin device has strong airtightness, Tea Tins good heat insulation and moisture barrier, and is suitable for most teas. It is especially suitable for Tibetan tea.



Lacquer containers are widely used in Japan and Taiwan, Tea Tins and their appearance is beautiful. Lacquerware teapots are generally used to contain matcha and white tea.

Ceramic container

The pottery's material has good air permeability and is suitable for fuding white tea and pu-erh tea which will produce changes in the later period; porcelain teahouse is elegant and clear, but its material is impermeable to air, which is more suitable for green tea “living” and adds a bit of literary artistry.



The silverware tea storehouse is polished and exquisite, Tea Tins with good taste, good play and good furnishings. Similar to the tinware tea store, it is generally used to hold green tea, yellow tea, green tea, and white tea, both practical and collectible.