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What Should You Pay Attention To Before Opening The Aluminum Can Beverage?

- Nov 12, 2018 -

Most of the drinks we buy are aluminum cans. For our health, I suggest you do this before opening the aluminum cans:
1. Disinfect and wipe the opening of the aluminum can.
2. Wiping with toilet paper does not necessarily get clean, because the toilet paper does not take bacteria.
3. Observe the appearance of the aluminum can, there should be no gaps, holes, etc.
4. If the aluminum can appears "expanded", it may be due to contamination caused by incomplete disinfection. If there are tiny indentations or holes in the can, the aluminum can also expand.
5. If the aluminum can is damaged, the paint that represents the inner layer to prevent direct contact between the metal and the liquid may have been damaged. In this case, the metal is oxidized and the oxide is mixed with the liquid.