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What Is The Difference Between A Tin Box And An Ordinary Package?

- Aug 27, 2018 -

Now, many products are beginning to use packaging, the current market can be divided into three categories of packaging: plastic packaging, carton packaging, tin packaging three total. But with the socio-economic and people's changes in the concept of tin box packaging usage becomes more and more, why is this? 

Plastic packaging is the traditional packaging in the past, for a long period of time occupy the main share of the packaging, its advantages are light weight, good toughness, excellent barrier properties, corrosion resistance, chemical inertia and good molding processing performance and some irreplaceable The advantages. Plastic packaging is the most lightweight of all packaging materials, and easy to shape, easy processing, processing, as long as the replacement mold can be different shapes of the container, easy to mass production. The disadvantage of plastic packaging is a deformation in the high temperature, easy to oxidize brittle, is not conducive to long-term preservation, the most fatal one drawback is the pollution of the environment, which is gradually eliminated the plastic packaging is the root cause. The tin box packaging as a new packaging materials, shine in recent years, mainly because of the excellent resistance of iron box, plasticity and high temperature resistance. What is particularly important is that the tin box does not pollute the environment, and it is especially important for today's increasingly environmentally conscious consumer awareness.