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Troubleshooting And Maintenance Of Mechanical Equipment

- Aug 09, 2018 -

Mechanical equipment is an important factor in product production. In the process of use, the components will gradually wear out, deformation, fracture and corrosion due to the influence of materials, process, environmental conditions and human factors .As the parts wear degree increases gradually, the technology of equipment state will produce a degradation, inevitably will appear all sorts of fault, the function of the equipment and precision is reduced, or even the loss of use value. It is necessary for enterprises to improve economic efficiency to keep the equipment of the on-site canning machine in good condition, improve the utilization rate and prolong the service life.

The importance of mechanical equipment maintenance

Maintenance is a technical activity that is implemented to extend or improve the performance of mechanical equipment; Repair is a technical activity to restore or improve the performance of the mechanical equipment.

The equipment system of modern industrial production is characterized by large scale, continuous, high speed, complexity and automation. Therefore, when a non-precognitive failure occurs, a great outage is incurred. If modern equipment monitoring and fault diagnosis technology is used, the pre-cognitive maintenance can make the equipment system realize efficient, safe, reliable and low cost operation. The role of maintenance can be summarized as “increasing profits, saving raw materials, optimizing investment returns, lengthening equipment life, reducing production costs, avoiding accidents and technical disasters” .For can mechanical equipment maintenance in production in the early period of the orderly and efficient work made an important safeguard, can say, as the appearance of high-tech products, advanced maintenance to ensure equipment failure-free operation, and can make the equipment often keep a good state.

In terms of the maintenance nature, the maintenance is not only the troubleshooting but also a long-term continuous investment to ensure the survival and development of enterprises and obtain the economic benefits of enterprises. Do this job, to maintain the normal production of enterprises, increase production, improve product quality, improve labor productivity, reduce costs and improve other various technical and economic index is of great significance. At present, there are many problems in the maintenance of canning machinery and equipment. We should sum up the experience and lessons, and further study the measures to improve the maintenance of mechanical equipment. Future maintenance will be green maintenance, advanced maintenance, and re-engineering maintenance. Maintenance is not only the means to restore the original performance of the canister mechanical equipment, but also to improve the performance of the mechanical equipment, thus improving the product quality. Maintenance is also an investment. It is an investment that is as important as a fixed asset. Without maintenance investment, it is difficult to guarantee the return of fixed assets. Maintenance is no longer an auxiliary means and an emergency measure, but a component of productivity, an important task in relation to economic development.