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Tinplate Cans In Accordance With Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

- Dec 03, 2018 -

Tinplate cans 
Line with the environmentally friendly packaging material existing containers including cans, aluminium cans, paper and plastic containers, recycling of these containers vary in features, but over other packaging materials on the cans in the recycling container is an advantage. 
Based on international environment management standard ISO-14000 implementation soon, has low pollution, and can recycling, and province resources characteristics of horse mouth iron tank, in future packaging uses Shang, will has more broad of development space: 

1. Low Pollution: 
Iron tank container in the of main raw materials tinplate, actually is belongs to environment harmless sex, can natural decomposition of, because Dang iron tank exists environment in the, can natural to oxidation and reply to original iron oxide State, return natural, So scrap cans is piled up by time, and will not cause environmental pollution remains. Making Tin without cutting down trees, do not destroy the ecological balance. 

2. Recycle: 
Tin itself has an other packaging materials do not have properties-can be adsorbed by magnets, so you can use iron cans magnetic separator on magnetic separation of waste material, and take advantage of this feature you can easily reach 80% in the garbage cans of the effect. Invention of the green cover, not only to better cans of security, health, and effectively reduce the amount of waste, have direct and obvious benefit to recycling operations. 

3., Resources: 
In terms of removal of other contamination residue on the Tin, is currently developing a shredding machine, is able to remove more than 98% of pollutants, provides a good quality of iron filings. United States also pointed out that aluminum easy open end the existence of scrap iron business, because when it can reduce the amount of Hot Metal, reducing overall costs in iron and steel manufacturing. In addition in terms of energy savings, the report states that use litter production of tinplate steel compared to the iron ore production per ton of iron filings would save about 230m3 the use of natural gas, so cans recycling process can be reduced to global environmental and energy impact, in line with future product trends.