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Tinplate Canned Food Preservation Principles

- Oct 13, 2018 -

 Why canned food at room temperature and can be stored for a long? They need to be how to deal with it? Here by a professional production of various beverage caps, tinplate and aluminum easy open lid,  Yixing Xincheng Technology to you briefly explain the principles of canned food preservation, hoping to help it! 

After a series of canned food materials processing, and then after canning, exhaust, sealing, labeling and inspection of sterilization as a commodity to enter the market following details about the process after the above process. 

1, canning: There are two kinds of artificial canning and canning machinery. 

2, Exhaust: Exhaust is the canned before sealing the top of the tank and food ingredients interstitial tissue and clean as possible to exclude from the tank after tank of vacuum sealing should 26.6kPa or 33.3 - 59.9kPa 

3, seal: seal canned food mainly by seamer or bag sealer. 

4, sterilization: sterilization is intended to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, inhibition of the enzyme activity and the role of the tank and flavored steamed food.