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Tinplate And Tinplate Cans In The Form Of Packaging Design Innovation

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Packaging materials varied, each material has its own characteristics. Metal packaging product design and development, should be combined with the metal printing, processing characteristics to improve, enrich and develop the structure of the metal box, is a practical way.
Before the metal box shape are rounded transition, and later the general use of folding iron box at right angles, the bottom of the box and the box with the same piece of metal, box body forming the use of folding technology, so box body for the right angle, box volume, The four corners of the lid are also right at right angles, and the lid of the lid is folded and pressed, so that the shape and processing characteristics of the carton are fused. The shape of the box is like a carton, changing the traditional image of the tin box Refreshing feeling.

Another example is the hexagonal deep cover sets of box: box body corner with a small arc transition, close to the standard obtuse angle, box bottom out with the box body after forming. The lid is also divided into two parts, tin cans covered with the box body of the same molding process, cover the top of the stretch, stretching the depth of the inner curling with the same height, cover and cover the top after the lid The upper edge of the lid is flush, the top of the cover is flat, the height of the box body and the lid are the same, and the integrity of the box is strong. This box combines the shape of the plastic cake box shape features, accompanied by elegant color patterns, giving a feeling of elegance.

The shape of the packaging innovation, you can play the role of glowing products to attract the attention of consumers, thus promoting the product: sales. When using the profiling method for shape innovation,

The first step according to the product sales market positioning to select the shape of the object to imitate, and then to imitate the shape of the simplified and concentrated, not only to shape, but also to the like,

And then combined with the characteristics of tinplate processing, the characteristics of the design pattern, the shape of the shape of the characteristics of structural innovation, but also should consider the use of convenience, security, so that the model, content, consumer psychology coordination. Give full play to the function of packaging is the development trend of packaging design.

Hand-push food box, box shape for the rectangle, the bottom of the box relative to the outside for the concave edge, concave depth and curl height of the same, the box bottom and box body after the lid, the lid structure is more complex, Edge of the volume, the lid of the end of the lid to remove the cover after the internal pressure compression, and with the body part of the arc transition, in the cover of several positioning points, cover to achieve after the push-type function. The structure is simple, innovative, suitable for children's food packaging, children eat the things inside, the packaging can be used as a stationery box, in line with the children and children's parents to buy the psychological.

The counterfeit packaging pot series of liquor is a successful example of the development of new packaging for functional innovation. In the realization of anti-counterfeiting function at the same time, continue to develop new structures, new shapes, packaging to achieve the new features and functions of the combination, continue to introduce new, forming a series of liquor tin packaging.

Multi-purpose wine cans, from the tank body, tank bottom, inner cover and cover composition. The middle of the lid to open a 50mm or so small holes, small holes in the edge of the volume, the outer edge of the outer roll. The inner cover is stamped and flushed in the small hole of the outer cover. After the lid is closed, the convex position of the inner cover and the top surface of the outer cover are flush. In the appropriate position of the body engraved two lines, in the engraved under a pressure bar, under the line to the ribs distance is equal to the depth of the two outer cover. After opening, because the can body is cut off to achieve security features. After the can body is disconnected, the bottom cover is connected to the outer cover to form a new product - the ashtray. Tobacco and alcohol for the best partner, the wine tank to complete the packaging function into the ashtray, both economical and practical, so as to effectively achieve the secondary use of the wine tank, to arouse the desire of consumers to buy, is conducive to product sales, The packaging of the "help", while the liquor production enterprises and their products play a promotional role.