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Tin Packaging, Make Environmental Protection More Important

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Introduction: low carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development is an eternal topic. Now, environmental protection is not a part of any country or department. Environmental protection has become the common thing of all mankind. Every country has different policies on environmental protection. And this year, the environmental storm has swept our country. In autumn and winter, it is also a vane for environmental problems, because the autumn and winter season is a high period of haze, it can be very intuitive to feel the change of the environment. People have been wearing masks and commuting recently.


Why in autumn and winter is the high period of fog and haze?

This is because after entering the winter, in addition to all the year round existing industry, automobile exhaust pollution, coal-burning pollution in winter will cause great air pollution ,autumn and winter temperature inversion significantly, fog haze is difficult to disperse, less rain, too it is difficult to be broken up, so the most severe haze in autumn and winter.


What are the dangers of haze?

 1. The cause of respiratory disease. 2. The cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. 3. The cause of a variety of bacterial diseases. 4. Increasing the risk of cancer. 5. Making people feel depressed and irritable. 6. Causing a traffic accident.

                                                                                                                           How to prevent haze?

 For example, it begins with the reduction of white pollution. The correct selection of packaging method has a great effect on reducing the white pollution and reducing the fog and haze.

                                                                                    Tin packaging existing environmental protection value?

 1. Usually tin packaging are made of tinplate tin, tin is green environmental protection, production technology is already mature, does not contain any harmful substances harmful to human and environment.

 2. Tin printing ink of our company have reached the food grade standards, environmentally safe, non-toxic, no smell.

 3.The tin production process are physical stamping way and does not produce any harmful liquids and gases, produced in the process of waste scrap, can recycling, do not pollute the environment, waste of resources, and as long as the tin surface, placed in a cool and dry environment, so it is not easy to rust. Tin has long service life.

 4. Easy to be degraded. It takes at least 200 years for a plastic bag to be buried under the ground to completely degrade. And it will take ten years to degarde the tin completely degraded into the earth!



 The advantages of tin packaging, reduce haze and PM2.5, promote sustainable development has a positive and far-reaching significance, if one day, the majority of packaging on the market this package, that our days will be more blue, the water more clear, more fresh air, more health.