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Tin Boxes Are The Greenest Of All Packaging

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Are tins made of tin?

People often ask us this and the correct answer is not tin but iron (or at least the 99.9 % correct answer). The iron is converted into sheet steel and electrolytically coated with the element tin in order to render the finished tinplate into the safe, clean, lustrous and non-toxic surface that has been used safely for food storage for over a century.


Tin boxes are the greenest of all packaging

We are pleased to say that although there is no shortage of iron in the world, most of the iron used in the production of our tins is in fact from recycled sources. We often say that our tins are not recycled after their initial use, they are re-used! And our tins are in daily use in a million homes, containing everything from biscuits to hair clips. However, when a tin has reached the end of its life then over 60% of them are recycled, so they can be used again to make yet another tin!