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The Tinplate Can Advantage

- Nov 22, 2018 -

Tinplate cans are commonly known as cans. They are made out of tin. The tin plays a protective role. They also serve a decorative purpose, and when there is printing on them they are known as printed cans.
Tinplate cans can usually be divided according to their use.
They can hold moon cakes,milk, tea, coffee, biscuits, health care products, beauty or collection cans. They may also serve as piggy banks. There are also sealed cans, tanks, Christmas cans, gift cans, candle cans, metal drums, badges, coasters, tin toys, music boxes, cigarette cases, stationery products, , CD boxes, cigarette boxes, all kinds of special-shaped cans.

Cans can be classified according to shape into round, rectangular, square, push boxes, or other shaped cans such as heart-shaped / oval / car shaped / cartoon animal-shaped.
Tinplate may be compared to other packaging materials, and they have their advantage. Their obvious advantages include ….
    1 mechanical performance,
    2 they form an excellent barrier,   
    3 process maturity and high production efficiency’
   4 decorative beauty,
   5 they may be made in various shapes, and
   6 they are recyclable.

Let’s say a word about each category. 
   1/  As concerns their mechanical performance, tin cans can be compared to other packaging containers
 such as strong plastic and glass.
Paper containers can be large and of a certain rigidity, which makes them easy to break. 
They can be used for small-scale sales packaging, and it is the main container used for large transport packaging.
   2/  Tin cans are better than any other material barrier due to their gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, and shade.  
  3/  process maturity and high production efficiency:
There is a long history of tin cans and they can meet a variety of product packaging needs.
  4/  Concerning their decorative purpose, their design trademark may be bright and beautiful. There is a good capacity to pring on
 metallic materials. They offer a safe way of packaging.
  5/  Their various shapes can include oval , cans, horseshoe, trapezoid. They may be made into various other shapes as weel according to the different needs.Their shape may well serve different marketing purposes.
  6/  recyclability is an important component for a compliance with international environmental requirements. This is in line with future product trends.