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The Role Of Press Head Of Tin Can Sealing Machine

- Jul 25, 2018 -

   Xincheng Technology's can sealing machine indenter main role is to fix the tank body and the position of the lid, so that when the roller crimping, the tank in a fixed position. Can sealing machine The size of the indenter can be selected according to the tank diameter, and the canister indenter should be standardized and cannot be changed to ensure that the can diameter and the lid are the same. General canning head indentation should be slightly larger than the outer diameter of the core on the lid and a positive tolerance (no negative tolerance), then buckle up to 4 ° C angle. It is not easy to fall; can sealing machine indenter too small is caused by the lid friction, skidding and other defects, easy to scratch the lid caused by canned rust, or cause the closure of different.


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