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The Packaging Of Cookie Tins Will Have An Impact

- Nov 23, 2018 -

The excessive microorganism and the foodborne disease caused by it are becoming an important public health problem, which will endanger the food safety and the health of consumers. People eat moldy food, light diarrhea, heavy causes respiratory tract, allergies and other diseases. Because mycotoxins have a strong tolerance to temperature, they cannot eat food contaminated with mildew.

Biscuit is a kind of oil, sugar, flour as the main raw materials, add the appropriate accessories, the use of stirring, molding, baking, cooling, packaging, testing and other processing of food products. Biscuits are resistant to storage, easy to carry, taste diverse, easy to eat, nutrient-rich and so on, by the consumer's favorite, can be used as travel, field inspection of food.

In recent years, our country biscuit production scale expands gradually, but the safety quality question also unceasingly occurs. Biscuit products prone to safety and quality problems include: microbial, heavy metals, acid price, peroxide value, sulphur dioxide and other indicators exceeded the standard, as well as disorderly use of food additives.

Some biscuit manufacturers do not exaggerate the other effects of the product, or mark the packaging with patterns or words that are not allowed by statute. In addition, the biscuit packaging may also appear problems include production date printing is not standardized, or early printing, enterprises in the daily inspection, should pay special attention.

There are also a few biscuit manufacturers on the packaging printed "This product does not contain preservatives", this is pure commercial hype, because, in the low moisture content of the biscuit products, as long as the standard production, ensure the health quality of the workshop, and biscuits product packaging intact, there will be no microbial-led corruption of the problem, There is no need to add food preservatives. Most biscuits have water content between 2%-4%, water activity value (AW value) is very low, under 0.65, molds and other microorganisms can hardly grow and reproduce.