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The History Of Tin Cans Packaging

- Aug 22, 2018 -

The tin bracelets and tin "pilgrim bottles" found in Egypt's eighteenth dynasty (1580-1350 BC) are the oldest known tin products in the world; All contained tin containers; royal and German royal families also liked the use of tin containers to hold beer; the Roman Empire was the earliest civilization to use tin containers for household utensils; and in ancient China, Know how to put the tin plate in the bottom of the well to purify the water quality. Tin texture is relatively soft, it must be made with other metal elements alloy, can be used to make tin. In the 1870s, the British invented a new alloy of tin, copper and antimony, called "Great Britain Metals," which is widely used to make tin. After the Middle Ages, tin products continued its popular momentum and quickly replaced other vessels into the homes of ordinary people. As demand expanded, the UK developed a set of standards for assessing tin grades and enacted ordinances to trade. Malaysia, as a British country, owns the world's rich tin resources. The British use Malaysia's abundant tin resources to meet the huge domestic demand. Malaysia will soon become the largest producer of tin in the world.