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The Development Process Of Tinplate

- Nov 21, 2018 -

Tinplate packaging because of its good sealing and preservation, avoid light, rugged and peculiar metal decorative charm, also have broad scope in the container industry, is the international general packaging varieties. With all kinds of tinplate CC material, DR material, chrome iron enriched, promoted the development of packaging products and technology, tinplate packaging is full of innovation.

Because of its strong antioxidant, and diverse styles, beautifully printed, tinplate packaging containers by the broad masses of customers, widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrument packaging, industrial packaging etc..

Tinplate packaging containers of high strength, good formability, the product has many advantages such as strong compatibility to establish a good reputation in the international market". Therefore, countries generally attach importance to this kind of packaging containers, is the world's largest amount of metal packaging plate.

According to the different requirements of the packaging industry, there are different needs of tinned material thickness, tin coating weight and mechanical properties. Since its inception, has been to oftinned thinning direction. One is to use less tin, even without Tin, is a substrate thickness of tinplate. The purpose is to adapt to the change of products and can reduce the manufacturing cost.

With the tinplate printing technology and processing technology of continuous improvement, more and more extensive application of tinplate packaging. The current domestic tinplate production capacity continues to increase, tinplate imports will gradually reduce, in addition to some high-end products still need to import a small amount has been basically achieved self-sufficiency. The demand of packaging industry in our country has put forward higher requirements on quantity and quality of metal packaging. In 2010, China's metal packaging sales income of more than 50 billion yuan, the metal packaging has entered a new growth opportunities, sustained and rapid development of the food industry to bring a broad market space for the development of tinplate packaging containers industry.