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The Development Of Metal Packaging In Recent Years

- Dec 11, 2018 -

   It is understood that the metal packaging industry has entered a period of rapid development, has already formed metal packaging intact industrial system.

   The formation of China's metal packaging metal packaging industry include a complete industrial system printed and coated iron, Cans, lids, cooper and other products. With the continuous improvement of people's spending power and changing consumer habits, similar to high-end beverages and health drinks products extensive use of metal packaging. But also widely used in the lid of canned food metal packaging market capacity is quite immeasurable, the presence of a strong growth momentum. But the safety of metal packaging needs to be improved.

    Statistics found by the US per capita consumption of canned about 90kg, about 50kg in Western Europe, Japan is about 23kg, while China only as long as 1kg. Experts predict that China's metal packaging industry next 3--5 years huge space for development, the output value exceeded 100 billion a foregone conclusion. Continued growth in food and fast moving consumer goods, especially drinks that chunk as the rapid growth of consumer goods, beer cans rate value will be higher.

    Two cans produced in the mid-20th century, refers to a metal can and lid from the container body composed of metal packaging is one of them. Currently used in beverages and canned products. Two jars of body punching by the pull direct molding process, good sealing, no leakage, leak detection can be removed from the process; no need to seal welded to prevent lead contamination of the solder pot, and high temperature sterilization, can ensure product hygiene; cans seamless, attractive appearance, and the cans can be carried out continuously and decoration printing. In addition, two cans are integrally formed, no cans longitudinal joints and seams and bottom of the tank, but also saves material. Currently metal cans used for packaging are mainly two aluminum cans.

     Even the rural countryside market demand for two cans are slowly increasing, metal packaging machinery and equipment, management, and gradually increase the scale of production capacity based on enhancing people's spending power, thus obtained, China metal packaging industry will accomplish much. Metal packaging industry's future will have been good. From market research results, the metal packaging industry, some large enterprise groups, intensive production is being formed; large enterprise groups from using their capital, technology, brand, reputation and other advantages, through the export of capital, low-cost expansion, reorganization, merger, leasing etc., so that enterprises bigger and stronger.

    And now the biggest problem, the problem is undoubtedly the utilization of metal cans, is a major environmental problem. In some European countries, the recycling rate for metal cans can reach or exceed 90%. Thus making metal cans steel propose new requirements, the need for superior strength and rigidity, and also has a low cost, processing performance, and low energy consumption.

   Another is a weakly acidic food cans, steel sheet requires a better corrosion resistance. However, there are other sorts of issues within the metal packaging industry: First, too many small businesses, most of which is doped with backward technology, the relatively low quality of staff, poor product quality grades, greater consumption of resources; the second is the industry's most independent innovation ability, product development, technology research and development level is not high, compared with the international advanced level in the gap is large, less imitate more creative; the third is a serious lack of professional and technical personnel; Fourth, all kinds of information not smooth enough.

    About the metal packaging, China is the world's second country. Metal packaging in the whole chain of the packaging industry is still huge room for development. As the industry concentration is rising, maintain sustained and rapid development of the state, the future of metal packaging will pay more attention to food security, more attention thinning reduction, more emphasis on recyclable.