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Technological Innovation Force Wahaha Canning Industry

- Jul 28, 2018 -

Wahaha in the traditional canning industry development, and always adhere to innovation as the primary productive force, from product development to marketing strategies and technological progress, and always adhere to innovation-driven development.


    To product innovation to meet the domestic market demand


    Hangzhou, the canned food factory mainly produces export products, canned vegetables such as mushrooms brine, water chestnut and other mainly exported to the US. Wahaha merger after canning factory, and actively explore overseas markets, exports to the US to retain water chestnut, canned silkworm chrysalis and newly developed canned powder and sesame, open up the Korean market. At the same time to the domestic market demand, focusing on the development of new rice pudding convenient canned food products, launched in 1992, Wahaha first canned product - Wahaha Nutritional rice pudding.


    With the improvement of people's living standards, demand for healthy living, eating more emphasis on whole grains, low-sugar and organic foods. Following nutrition rice pudding, Wahaha have developed without the use of xylitol sugar rice pudding, rice pudding coarse life, almond rice pudding black rice, oats, rice pudding and the like. Promote the concept of healthy whole grains while digging through the Chinese food culture and health doctors famous classics side, the use of modern technology to develop canned soup, canned products, such as yam porridge Gorgon, gelatin walnut porridge, and gradually formed its own health products, to further expand the market, expand market share.


    Wahaha products bold innovation is also reflected in the development of health care products in the form of porridge and other common canned food, health care products in order to change the tablet Capsule traditional thinking, the first to feature a healthy diet placed. For example, the light rice pudding with lipid-lowering function, the basis of modern medicine and nutrition theory, the scientific group, with red yeast rice as the main raw material for secondary lipid to assist phytosterols lower total cholesterol, and phytosterols as lovastatin iconic ingredients, then to ordinary food rice pudding as a carrier, so that it has a role in health care. These products, leading the concept of treating disease prevention, changing national sickness medication passive habits, reduce medical costs, medicine section medical resources, a more prominent characteristics of food products and convenience.


    Technology and innovation to reduce operating costs


    Hangzhou, the cannery, in-line capacity of 60 cans / min -120 cans / min, and are still retorts. In order to improve product quality rice pudding, Wahaha technical improvements, the use of rotary high temperature and pressure sterilization, so that the material in the tank and steam sterilization congee, sticky cans not agglomerate and kill microorganisms reach commercial sterility level. At the same time, the production of canned rice pudding, the traditional canning process clinker clinker or semi instead canning raw material, on the one hand because of its raw material starch and other nutrients not heated gelatinized, can not easily be contaminated by microbes, whole health status of the production process will be better; the other hand, the raw material of low viscosity material canning material easier nowadays, high filling precision.


    In hardware, Wahaha canned products in cans and bottom processing, using a high-frequency resistance welding SOUDRONIC making technology to ensure the quality of the tank and weld seams rate quality; on the bottom of the sealant dispensing drying process for technical improvements, change of infrared drying resistance Induction heating and drying process, to avoid bottom sealant bubble defects; while increasing online video surveillance camera system, automatic testing to ensure the quality of the bottom cover dispensing, improved seal canned level. In real-tank systems, the introduction of Germany Krones, Italy CFT advanced filling and potting technology to improve automatic canned filling speed, filling precision and double seamed cans solid seal quality, production line filling capacity of 800 cans / min ; to reduce manual labor, improve raw material purification effect, the introduction of Buhler rice and beans two automated material purify production line, improve raw material acceptance criteria, based on the guarantee on the hardware, reducing the risk of raw material impurities into products .


    Through the introduction of new technology and new equipment, Wahaha realized the scale of production, improve product quality. In the process of continuous innovation in products and technologies, Wahaha has also attached great importance to energy-saving products. Such as the production of canned rice pudding, the traditional canning process clinker raw material to canning, saving labor and water, steam, semi-finished products while ensuring health security; canned food sterilization process, the use of cooling water recycling technology, formulate strict monitoring system to ensure product quality, production from rice pudding million cans per 30 tons to 15 tons of water consumption, 50% water.