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Professional Knowledge Of Food Packaging Industry Cookie Tins

- Nov 28, 2018 -

For ordinary people, if they can conquer their own desires, then they can go further. But usually, it's hard to resist the temptation, and the determination of many people can't resist the test of desire, and finally comes down. And the most common thing that happens is when you lose weight. That's why this new product, an oversized food jar, isn't easy to crack open. Only by completing the previously set goals will automatically open, allowing us to enjoy the snacks inside. 

The key to control is the App on the user's smartphone and sets three different types of targets for user selection. One type of goal is fitness, which requires users to walk enough steps or burn enough calories; The other is location, where the user needs to report to a particular place, and maybe the gym is unlocked. The third type is time, and users can set the time to ensure that they don't have to eat too much snacks at midnight. A previous version appeared in Shark Tank, and the latest version is more stylish and is no longer transparent, meaning people don't know what's in it. It's easy to use, users put things in, anything can be, just put it down. Then, cover the lid and lock it with your App. Next, set one of these three categories of goals.

A food packaging company specializing in the production of PET plastic bottles. We have advanced equipment and strong technical force. The main products are all kinds of plastic bottles, jars, plastic cans, food cans, etc. The company has been focusing on enterprise image, based on technology development and strengthening quality management. Pursue the tenet of quality first, reputation first, delivery time and customer satisfaction. Always keep in mind that integrity and quality are the life of the enterprise, and strive to produce inexpensive and quality packaging products. Strive to satisfy customers on product, reputation and service. We warmly welcome new and old customers to visit our company and guide our work! Description: the food packaging box can automatically pick up the spray coating, the automatic operation cycle, perfect after-sales service, which can improve the efficiency of the enterprise in a short time. The market competition degree is improved.

Food packing box advantage: 1. The advanced imported components, extend the service life of the mechanical 2. Set up a automatic circulation system with internal recycling equipment, saving material 3. Has automatic cleaning function, smart setting, reduce trouble, 4. Automatic sorting food device, automatic maintenance, extremely sensitive alarm function 5. Time can be automatically modulation, interval automatic spray print.