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Packaging Function Of Cookie Tins

- Nov 26, 2018 -

Recognition function: The consumer's memory preserves the general phenomenon of various commodities, they often buy goods according to the inherent shape of the packaging. When the quality of goods is not easily identified by the product itself, people tend to decide by packaging.

Packaging is one of the basis of product differentiation, it can not only explain the name of the product, quality and trademark, the introduction of the product's special effect and use, but also can show the characteristics of the enterprise. Consumers can obtain information about goods in a short period of time through packaging. As a result, it can enhance the attractiveness of goods by increasing the amount of information that is packaged for targeted customers.

Convenient function: packaging to divide the appropriate weight, providing a reliable means of preservation, and easy to carry and use, but also to guide consumers how to use. Value-Added function: The design of the successful packaging of artistic, informative, interesting and contemporary in one, high-end product appearance quality can stimulate the social needs of buyers, so that they have the goods at the same time feel the progress of their identity, the heart is full of joy.

Consumers judge the pros and cons of goods not only to packaging as the benchmark, packaging is only from the commodity, the quality of goods, prices and the name is the main factor for consumers to weigh, but the "halo effect" packaging to the consumer to the good sense of packaging to the merchandise, to achieve promotional purposes. The introduction of each new product, its packaging use is accounted for the total cost of 15%~70%.

The shape sense of commodity packaging refers to the packaging of the shape, material, graphics and text. The shape and materials of the package only show the characteristics of the goods in order to achieve the promotion effect. Vacuum Plastic Packaging food makes people feel convenient and hygienic, aluminum foil blister packaging drugs make people feel scientific and trustworthy.