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More Green Packaging Market

- Oct 18, 2018 -

Green packaging refers to the natural plant and mineral raw materials developed in pairs ecological environment and human health harmless, beneficial recycling, easily degraded, the sustainable development of an environmentally friendly packaging, that is to say, its packaging products from raw material selection, product manufacture to use and disposal of the entire life cycle, shall comply with the requirements of the protection of the ecological environment, should start green packaging green packaging materials, packaging design and vigorously develop the green packaging industry.


    Who did not simply be attracted to buy a commodity when packaging? In this fast-paced market role is to give the packaging product attractive and branding. The clever design ideas and innovative packaging the customer perspective brewing and preparing for months, but the moment more and more environment-friendly packaging design to stand out from the many products. Obviously, businesses and consumers have begun to consider the issues of environment and sustainable development.

    Today, "Green Wave" under the impact of the various countries have introduced laws and regulations to facilitate the packaging can be reused. Germany to implement the collection of packaging deposit system for all beverages sold, in order to encourage the use of reusable packaging materials, further reducing packaging waste. Philippines to encourage businesses to use bamboo baskets instead of plastic bags. Philippines, 50% of the waste from plastic products, and promote the use of reusable bamboo baskets will to some extent reduce the white pollution. The bamboo basket packaging is not only a green action wicker basket production can provide jobs for more Filipinos.

    Environmentally friendly packaging materials become more and more the attention of enterprises, the various recyclable repeated re-use of materials, such as PET, PP and other recyclable materials, has been gradually replaced by the a common metal packaging supplies. Last year, the British RobertMcBridein company launched a green cleaning, this i-Clean multi-surface spray cleaner, can reduce waste bottles. The spray bottle can also be recycled, has been listed in the UK.

    From Tetra Pak, the latest survey shows that the environmental awareness of consumers around the world is stronger than ever on a lot, some environmental awareness is changing consumer buying behavior. "Said: Tetra Pak President and CEO DennisJönsson linked to environmentally friendly packaging is an inevitable trend, for the consumer is concerned, it is no longer an optional flag."