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Metal Steel Packaging Development

- Oct 16, 2018 -

The rapid development of metal packaging industry, boosting demand for the metal packaging steel, steel products and higher requirements. Metal cans metal packaging products mainly include tinplate cans, two beverage cans, three beverage cans, milk cans, general food cans, aerosol cans, crown caps, twist cap, EOE, miscellaneous tanks, chemical tanks, 200 liters drums and so on. Metal cans material used mostly for steel, aluminum, which is mainly carbon steel sheet, tin (commonly known tin plated steel sheet), tin-free steel (chrome-plated steel sheet), white metal (galvanized sheet steel), painted layer of steel, iron coated, aluminum in aluminum foil, aluminum films.

Future, metal packaging will be more emphasis on food security, more attention thinning reduction, more emphasis on recyclable. In some European countries, the recycling rate of metal cans over 90%. This is also the manufacture of metal cans steel raised higher requirements, such as container, ordinary steel drums and other metal containers, to have greater strength and stiffness, and has low cost, good performance and processing advantages, thus requiring the steel high strength and stiffness.

Again, acidic foods in cans require a certain degree of corrosion resistance of steel, such a large amount of food in the international market, such as meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, vegetables, carrots and a variety of beverages, soups, etc. currently chromed steel mainly used in domestic production of beer bottle caps, beverage and food cans neutral paint lid, as food cans, little, to open this part of the market, must further enhance the corrosion resistance of the product.

Since the whole process is carried out on a flat surface, so the series is produced decorative plate decorative containers, easy open, twist off caps, crown caps, end caps ideal material for composite cans and three-piece cans. In addition, the market there is a polymer-coated steel can be used to make good barrier properties, corrosion resistance and compelling packaging; otherwise a new coating process is the resin extruded directly onto a steel plate, the current has been used in the production of food cans.