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Metal Cans Are The Most Environmentally Friendly And Safest Food Packages

- Jul 24, 2018 -

Metal cans are the most environmentally friendly and safe food package at present.


Liang Zhongkang, chairman of the canned goods industry association of China, once said, "metal packaging is the safest food packaging product." Zhou Yunjie also agrees, saying: "canned food is not to add any preservatives, shelf life can be more than 3 years of packaged food." Its tightness and barrier also ensure that the contents do not appear harmful bacteria pollution under the condition of normal temperature storage, which is impossible for plastic, paper and composite packaging materials."


How to understand the metal can is the most environmentally friendly, for example, Zhou Yunjie said: "such as aluminum cans, a new cans, 1/3 materials from renewable steel, 2/3 materials from recycled aluminum." An aluminium easy open can be recycled in just 60 days and returned to the store shelves, Zhou Yunjie said.

"It's the most abundant element in the earth's crust, and metal cans are materials that can be recycled indefinitely and recycled into new cans and other metal products.". Metal cans do not produce garbage or produce little waste, so it is the most environmentally friendly." Said Zhou Yunjie.