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Main Role Of Steel Drum Forming Machine

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Steel drum is an important packaging container. It is widely used in the industrial field. It is often necessary to use a variety of manufacturing equipment for the processing and production of steel drum products, mainly including cutting machine, edger, barrel frame forming machine and flanger. , corrugator, expansion machine, sealing machine and leak tester. Next, we mainly introduce the barrel molding machine in the steel drum forming machine.


In the production process of steel drum forming machine, the formation of the barrel frame is a relatively important process. The so-called barrel frame forming machine refers to various special machine tools and devices for completing the barrel forming process of the metal barrel. The type varies depending on the barrel shape and the molding method. The forming machine for the circular barrel is a rounding machine, and there are many types of machines for forming the shaped barrel.


Taking the reeling machine steel drum forming machine as an example, in the process of winding the barrel body into a cylindrical shape, since the curl of the barrel body is performed between the three rotating rolls arranged in a staggered manner, the reeling machine is also called three Roller bed. There are certain requirements for the position of the three rollers on the reeling machine. The upper roller is located above the lower roller and is slightly offset from the rear roller by a small distance.