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It Is Important For The Design Of Tin Packaging Color

- Aug 15, 2018 -

The use of color plays an important role in the tin packaging design. Color is one of the key factors to determine the appearance of the tin packaging in addition, in the fierce competition in the market, to make the goods with obvious difference from other visual characteristics of the product, cannot do without the design and use of color.

 Let me say it impolitely. In fact, many designers are "color blind". Why do you say that? Because there are not many designers who really know color use. Many packaging designers just design blindly, find their own feeling of good color, to do their own taste of the so-called art. As for the market, as for the consumers, he is in charge of it.


 Remember before seen Japanese color experts wrote an article "color design basis", this article is drawn to the deep research of color based on the results of the tin packaging, the packaging design in the use of color requirement:

 1. box of color in packaging design can have a clear recognition of the competition of goods, can not use a color difference and reflects the same brand. 2. is a good symbol of the content of the goods, so that a color to become the brand of the representative color. 3. colors and other design factors harmoniously and harmoniously, effectively expressing the quality and weight of the goods. 4. is it acceptable for the purchasing class of the commodity.5, whether with high visibility, and has the effect of a good foil for text. 6. single tin packaging effect and a plurality of tin packaging stacking effect. 7. color in different markets, different display environment is full of vitality. Whether the 8. commodity color printing color management and the effect such as a limit, that people are emotional, but sometimes it can also be understood as the visual color, the color will be reflected in many aspects, such as different color box packaging design and consumers see their inner needs and preferences from. This is a kind of color recognition is colour charm.

 I have heard a lot of great truth and still have a bad life. As for the "great truth" of packaging design, the designers understand it, but it is not easy to implement it. It's useless to say more. Let's give you an example.

 Wang Laoji's red pot design is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and is widely popularized so that the "red" of Wang Laoji is rooted in the heart of the consumer. Red in China, "flourishing", red and red fire, naturally popular. Now red + canning has become the symbol of Wang Laoji to a certain extent, which is the charm of color.