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How Much Do You Know About The Basic Knowledge Of Tin Boxes?

- Nov 02, 2018 -

Tin box as the global popularity of green packaging, something basic knowledge of the production is not to be known by everyone. Today we will introduce some basic common sense and professional terminology in the period of tin box production to everyone in details. We hope provide some professional literacy to tin box procurement and business friends.

l Customized tin boxes notes:


In general, the material of tin boxes is made of tinplate, matte iron, galvanized iron, substrate iron (also called iron) but some products also use aluminum.

1. The most common is tinplate, and the tin boxes’ manufacturers almost use 0.19-0.35mm thickness of tinplate. If it is over the size, the material can’t be printed.

2. Matte iron is more common used as a raw material. Because it is not likely to cause scratches, so not printed products will use matte iron, However, the price of frosted iron is relatively expensive.

3. Galvanized iron usually be used such as iron bucket and ice bucket, but it is not be used very frequent, generally in the range of 0.28mm and 0.30mm thickness.

4. Substrate iron is generally be used to double-sided printing on products.


1. Four-color printing that is the offset printing just the business man said which is composed of red, yellow, blue, black four basic colors, then print out a variety of patterns by different compounding ratio. If the customer has no special printing requirements, tin box manufacturers will offer the price of offset printing.

2. Pantone color printing which is a special printing method, specifically transferred out of one color instead of using a four-color print-out. If you need pantone color, generally buyers should to provide pantone color No., we need to control pantone printing books on the color. Pantone color printing will charge extra

3.The whole tinplate are painted white, you can't see the lines when you printed white lacquer

4 A part of the whole tinplate will be printed white, the other retain the color of tinplate .but the price of white printing is higher than white lacquer

5. Silver lacquer: In general, it is used in the inside or bottom without the printed tin cans

6. golden lacquer: it is used in the inside or bottom without the printed tin cans the same as silver lacquer.

7. Shiny finish: the color looks very bright.

8. Matte finish: the color looks lower keyed than shiny finish

9. light-matte: a part of tinplate box is silver lacquer, another is matte oil.

In addition, there are some special printing effects, such as rubber oil, oil pearls, explosion oil, orange oil, oil cracking, these price printing effect is relatively expensive, so use was also relatively small.

In short, before descriptive printing requirements of a tin box production, buyers should be sure to clearly indicate white lacquer or white printing, offset printing or pantone color, shiny finish or matt finish, but also should be indicated the other side whether is the need silver lacquer or golden lacquer.