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How Can Tin Factory Avoid Tin Paint

- Aug 16, 2018 -

Tin packaging is the most common on the market at present, because of the special nature of tin itself, improper storage or in the transportation loading will present paint phenomenon. So, are there any ways to avoid and correct the paint? The tin manufacturers introduced several useful methods.


The paint is not rare, tin is used too long or improper use, are the main reason that tin paint. A tin of paint with lasting problems, because of the long time oxidation and exposure to intense light irradiation results, resulting in the appearance of tin printing surface dry and brittle, foaming phenomenon will appear, once thought to touch the print surface will easily fall, if not timely repair, resulting in a large area will fall paint, severe corrosion attack response, resulting in the tin void.

In view of the above conditions, the white candle oil can be dripped to the azimuth of the lacquer, which can make the unshedding area dry and brittle. While the use of improper paint problems, the main reason is that in the process of transportation workers ignored in packaging, tin in the transport process, to touch each other, the printing surface is damaged, in view of this situation, in the tin packaging process, an OPP bag, can avoid the above situation.