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Hand Wrench Sealing Machine

- Jul 04, 2018 -

Hand-Pull Sealing machine is currently the most extensive semi-automatic sealing machine, due to the stability of mechanical quality, easy to debug and other advantages, by the vast number of small factories, small workshops, stalls and other units used in outlets. The sealing principle of the model is simple, with two-knife folding and sealing, the first knife is a flanging knife and the second one is a bending and fastening knife.

It is generally used for the sealing of cans which are not vacuum inflated.


1. Put the lid jar on the bottom of the tray.

2. Put the top of the jar on the die by stepping on foot.

3. Hand handle, make first knife, second knife fast roll Gaiben fastening. 4. Put down the pedal, the output of the finished product.