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Golden Ideas Bring Big Benefits

- Jul 30, 2018 -

"Can knotted with copper wire wound brake protection device" Although just made a few minor technical changes in the canning process, but one year for the company 1.21 million yuan of economic benefits; "Improved pumping coating method" to solve the troubled years of welder extracted with paint thinner waste problem, only one of the Tu-year cost savings 64,800 yuan ...... Hebei Chengde Lolo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chengdeloulou), a key technological transformation to become a a "golden idea", in improving product quality and production efficiency, but also for the company to bring no small gains.


One "golden idea" of the original, is Chengdelulou located in every gold medal workshop technician. Every year, the competition for the gold medal became Chengde Lolo technician in the company of a beautiful landscape. So far, a total of 23 technical staff Chengdelulou appointed medal technician. Through their leadership and heritage, Chengdelulou strengthen the company's quality professional team building, promote frontline technical innovation, improve product quality, enhance their core competitiveness.


To the grass-roots "voice"


"This device is not complicated, just on the basis of the original installation of a device by the guide rollers, drive pulley slider component with heavy rail, and rail travel switch composed of excluding rail, assembled together but also twenty or thirty centimeters square. "Chengdeloulou gold technician Liu Hui describes.


Lulu's costs, nearly 40% of the packaging. Liu Hui said, "Can copper wire winding knot brake protection device" played a crucial role in the canning process. Is this humble "little guy", was able to bring business year 1.21 million yuan of the huge economic benefits, strengthening grass-roots Chengdeloulou quality management, enhance quality and efficiency is another classic example.


As one of the first gold medal technician Chengdeloulou, 44-year-old Liu Hui has worked for 14 years in the canning jobs. For copper welding lead wire tie card tank, he and workshop coincides with another gold medal technician Guo Qiang - high-frequency resistance welding machine to install active brakes, active in the copper tie off circuit, to prevent the transfer feeder iron welding station, completely solve the problem tank card, greatly enhance the product quality and production efficiency canning process.


"Quality Development Outline" proposed to improve the quality of enterprise management level, to strengthen the training of front-line workers, and improving the quality of full awareness and quality skills. To this end, Chengdelulou main "grassroots" card, called out the slogan "Quality Management I have the right to speak" slogan, to encourage participation in quality management level employees, technicians came into the gold medal.


"The new era of blue-collar workers, not only have strong professional technical level, there should be a higher overall quality," deputy general manager Chengdeloulou Wang Xuchang said, "Gold technicians are leaders in technical positions on, most of them grasp theoretical knowledge and operational skills of the team, the most familiar with the product quality standards, product quality and the best understanding of the status quo, and therefore also on the internal and external factors that defects in product quality has a more acute perception and resilience. our technicians appointed to carry out activities in the gold medal It is to rely on their superb professional skills and rich experience in production, play a role in the production line product quality supervision, technical advantages into quality and efficiency. "


Since 2010, the implementation of technical positions in gold technician appointment, medals and technicians including Liu Hui Guo Qiang, including not only become a leader in their respective technical fields, but also by finding short board production technology, quality defects analysis inducement to lead technological innovation carry out key technologies, product quality under the supervision of the production into the forefront.


A series of quality improvement measures initiated by the gold medal technician considerable promotional value, a great mobilization of the majority of employees involved in quality management initiative. They are actively looking for topics, plugging loopholes in quality defects, to achieve maximum effect with a minimum of innovative change, with one small "Golden Ideas" for enterprises to maximize the quality and efficiency.


"Workers" and an excellent "pipe"


"Gold" own "gold medal" in gold. It is not only reflected in the material incentives, but also in the role transition and job promotion.


"My name is Jiang Zhenhai, I applied for the competition is a real tank foreman job post. I have been in the packaging machine machine hand for 15 years, has accumulated a solid theoretical and practical experience in the long-term work in practice, for a variety of packaging machine type proposed and implemented technological innovation, many times to the field workshop repair, maintenance, installation of mechanical equipment and training packer hand ...... I think it has its own real tank foreman job qualifications, believe they can do the job. "


This is a competition for the gold medal speech technician Jiang Zhenhai real competition for the post of the tank when the foreman job, when to see him again, we are in the annual summary meeting, team leader as a base to do the debriefing report to the group leader. Sentimental competition compared with three years ago when, at this time he seems to have a rich experience, capable of calm mature managers.


"Gold Engagement technician is found in practice, to train future primary quality management personnel, to provide them with a two-way channel." Wang Xuchang said gold from skilled workers to technicians in the role change managers, but also have inherent advantages conditions - they start high, mostly specialist staff, many years of experience and thanks to the work of front-line technical positions, technicians familiar with gold production technology and production processes.


At the same time, according to Chengde Lolo own quality staff and willingness to improve gold technician appointment, from the culture to culture single-round technical personnel, many types of talent development and achieve higher or lower and effective promotion and exit mechanism, establish a scientific quality professional training, use and incentive system to ensure the quality of nurturing the development of human resources and management feasibility, stability and sustainability of fair use.


Gold competition system by technicians, workers Chengdelulou successfully participate in quality management initiative, enthusiasm and initiative into the main battlefield of production and management, total quality management concept deeply rooted, a number of excellent technical workers embarked on the frontline "workers and an excellent pipe "on the road, the grass-roots become hotbeds of quality management, the actual results to lay a solid foundation of quality system, enterprise quality control has improved significantly, effectively promote the scientific development of enterprises.