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Food Canning Process Forward And Improve The Standard System

- Nov 20, 2018 -

People due to the large development of animal husbandry and fishery, and sometimes endless consumption of food, badly in need of a reliable, economical way to save, canned food has been developing rapidly.

It is understood that canned foods originated in the French Revolution, for the preservation of food is not bad invented, initially used glass jars. In 1810, the British Durao quickly switch to tin plate cans to replace glass jars, canning industry was born. By 1896, German-American immigrants Amon further improvements to resemble the modern health canned cans.

Tin plate cans into China during the late Qing Dynasty. Wuhan Iron and Steel in 1978 built the first 120,000 tons of tin plate production line, in 1998 Baosteel 400,000 tons of tin plate for cold rolling tin mill (investment of 65 billion yuan) put into operation during the use of imported steel substrate to a few production of tin plated sheet production line. Thus, by the early 2000s, half a century since our country, mainly imported tinplate food cans to support their industry situation has been completely changed.