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Electric Sealed Can Machine

- Jul 04, 2018 -

The difference between the electric sealing machine and the hand and the pneumatic is that the first knife and the second knife are respectively loaded on both sides of the die.


1. Put the lid jar on the bottom of the tray.

2. Step foot switch or can induction switch (the different manufacturers, the way there is a difference), the bottom of the motor cam driven by the bottom of the tank top close to die.

3. Because of the role of the side swing arm cam, so that the first knife to press the cover roll first, when the cam rotation for half a week, the second knife swing arm began to press tight.

4. Output of finished product. The above models for the domestic popular semi-automatic sealing tank models, the average speed of the model can be 15~30 cans/minutes between. Because the cost is low, the technical content is not high, the quality is stable, therefore many individual, the unit uses this kind of model. Disadvantage is not suitable for high-volume automated production lines.