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Develop New Packaging Suitable For Nutrition And Health Drinks

- Jan 19, 2019 -

Beverage as a typical FMCG, the overall economic fluctuation has become a catalyst for the decline in the beverage industry growth. In 2015, the total output of beverages reached 1.76 tons, an increase of 5.9%, an increase of two digits for the first time; the sales revenue was 615 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 6.44%. Although the beverage industry has entered a period of adjustment fell nearly thirty years of rapid development of the beverage industry in the first quarter of 2016 to the increase of the total output of nearly 10% of the good start is overjoyed, but under careful study, good grades in doping of packaged drinking water with many "water" -- to occupy nearly half of the country's largest growth rate close to 20%. The growth of packaged drinking water, carbonated drinks and fruit and vegetable drinks, other than the three drinks, remains weak.

With the increase of the residents' income, demographic changes, consumer demand is changing, resulting in beverage market has been dancing in the three dimensions of products, prices and channels, and nutrition and health drinks will become the main theme of the development.

In terms of products, different groups of differentiated and personalized demand, resulting in the overall beverage market to high value-added, diversified category transition, health and health related product category or sub category in the leading growth; in terms of price, the consumer's attention from price to quality, transfer from water to drink the thirst of health and safety, function, individual expression, resulting in the rapid growth of high priced products, high-end products; in the channel, consumers buy products require more flexible and convenient, the traditional channel dependence will cause people, mouth, bonus channels disappear, especially the traditional mainstream brand category, in addition to product innovation, channel innovation also need, the outstanding convenience stores, electricity supplier channels such as incremental performance.

In recent years, with the enhancement of consumer awareness of health, traditional categories such as stagnation or even decline in tea drinks, carbonated drinks, the key reason is that the traditional category of market saturation, in addition to aging products, upgrading is difficult. At the same time, the health of high value, reflect the quality of life of the product is growing rapidly, such as high-end mineral water, drinking water, vegetable protein beverage, beverage, fruit juice and other special purpose NFC is expected to continue rapid development. In addition, fermented drinks, instant coffee drinks, although the current frequency of drinking is still very low, but I believe there will be a great room for development in the future. But the plant drink is in a very low position in the function appeal, this is not consistent with the actual situation, therefore, the related enterprise also should strengthen the consumer to its function cognition and the approval. In short, nutrition and health drinks will become the main theme of the future market development.