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Cookie Tins Tell You The Status Of The Packaging Industry In China

- Nov 27, 2018 -

Metal packaging containers are widely used, in addition to having good mechanical properties, excellent barrier performance, exquisite decoration and many other advantages, relative to other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, paper containers, such as gas and moisture resistance, good shading, good printing performance, is an excellent sales packaging.

Nowadays, with the increasing demands of consumers on the packaging of goods, the individuation of metal packaging has become one of the development directions of the canning industry, so it is more and more concerned with the new type of special-shaped metal cans with the technology of printing iron and making cans. In addition to providing a more convenient and efficient packaging for people's lives, the product brings a beautiful and generous effect, and promotes brand awareness.

Special-shaped metal cans from the material into iron cans and aluminum cans, forming a rose-shaped, shallow relief, shrink-shaped medium pressure and a few ways, can be used to do beverage aluminum cans, beverage cans, aluminum aerosol cans, tinplate aerosol cans and tinplate miscellaneous cans.

Therefore, the general production capacity of serious excess, high-quality high-end products production capacity is obviously insufficient. Can produce small capacity cans, ultra-thin cans, self heat from the cold tank, suitable for supermarket shelf effect of special-shaped metal cans, fine cans of enterprises too few; a single, can not meet the requirements of personalized packaging development, restricting the development of metal packaging industry, domestic research and development capacity is insufficient, most of the advanced Canning enterprises can only rely on imports of the main iron-making equipment, such as high speed resistance welder and on-line leak-detection machine for cans, easy lid Crown cover production line, printing equipment and other markets are controlled by foreign enterprises

Overall, China's metal packaging industry senior management and staff quality is generally lower than other industries, the shortage of talent restricts the further development of metal packaging industry, The ability to develop independent and innovative advanced technologies and products is grossly inadequate.