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Cookie Tins Metal Packaging Development

- Nov 24, 2018 -

Packaging market is rich and colorful, one is the traditional packaging containers, more importantly, its value in the product, product manufacturing process on the progress of the vitality. A good company has grown from the production of food cans, confectionery cans, biscuits cans and industrial containers to the development of high-performance containers such as spray cans, beverage cans, cosmetics and even perfume packaging to create a leading market trend Of the packaging container. At the same time, the delicate and beautiful metal cover has created opportunities for metal and non-metallic packaging, and poses a threat to traditional packaging.

Iron and aluminum as packaging materials, the advantages of the well known, but and new materials, such as plastic, composite materials, metal materials in the appearance of the shape on the less, the strength of metal materials, integrity, pressure is not a problem, but modern packaging Material diversity is more attractive to the designer and the dumping of the attention. Beverage market is highly competitive. But still the largest metal packaging users. Advanced forming techniques create opportunities for diversification of the shape of the packaging, which is not limited to beverage packaging and used in healthy drinks and beauty markets. In this respect, the appearance of the impression and the quality of the impression is equally important, so there are artistic modeling, decorative aerosol cans began to appear, multi-channel necking technology used to form the top and bottom of the tank and any shape of the tank body.

 The high-definition, wide color gamut, high-fidelity printing iron technology and products based on traditional Indian iron technology, make full use of the latest computer image processing technology, color precision measurement and control technology, printing process parameters optimization technology, ink analysis and processing technology and other means, Traditional 175Lpi four-color printing iron, to 350Lpi ultra-four-color high-definition wide color gamut printed iron, so that the printed image level is more delicate, richer, more bright colors bright.