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Classification Of Packaging Machinery

- Aug 10, 2018 -

1. Classification by the automation degree of packaging machinery

(1) automatic packaging machine. The automatic packaging machine is automatically for the packaging materials and the internal loading, and can complete the other packaging process machine automatically.

(2) semi-automatic packaging machine. The semi-automatic packaging machine is a machine that can automatically complete other packaging process by hand.

2. Classify according to type of package.

(1) special packing machine. A special packing machine is a machine specially used for packing a certain product.

(2) multi-purpose packaging machine. The multi-purpose packaging machine is the machine that can be used to package two or more products by adjusting or changing the relevant working parts.

(3) general packaging machine. General packaging machine is applicable to packaging two or more products of different types within the specified range.

3.According to the function classification of packaging machinery.Packaging machinery according to different functions can be divided into: filling machine, filling machines, wrapping package machines, sealing machines, labeling machines, washing machines, drying machines, sterilization machine, strapping machine, machine, multi-function packaging machinery, packaging materials, packaging containers manufacturing machinery, and other ancillary packaging machinery packaging operation completed.

4.Packaging production line.A production line that can complete a series of packing operations by means of several packaging machines and other ancillary equipment.