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China Vigorously Develop Green Packaging Printing Imperative(II)

- Jan 21, 2019 -

with the traditional process. Such as internationally renowned brands such as "Coca-Cola" and "Pepsi" label printing, flexo products in China has reached international standards. 5) The green packaging will become an extremely important marketing tools and instruments. Food packaging unemployed to take active measures to ensure that food packaging, personal sound, security, and promote environmental protection. Currently, the countries in the world regard the reduction, recycling, biodegradable environmentally friendly packaging goals and means.

    LCA (LifeCycleAssessment ecological cycle Assessment Act ") technology for the quantitative assessment compared with the three main types of plastic, metal, glass packaging materials, paper packaging is one of the most promising green packaging materials. Cartons, cardboard boxes, paper bags, paper bucket, paper pulp molding products has become an important part of the modern packaging industry, widely used in food the delicate and transport packaging.

    Color carton packaging industry (hereinafter referred to as color box), it is the packaging for the food, beverage, wine, tea, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, health care products, cosmetics, small appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods, electronics and other industries and products supporting an industry indispensable. In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's economy, the industry and products supporting the folding carton industry, followed by rapid development, the box industry sales in 2005 increased by 18% over the previous year.

    Huayin Media Group 2006 box industry sentiment survey planning materials, box industry development in 2006 remained optimistic.

    The survey results, the box industry development prospects, and the reasons are summarized as follows: China's rapid economic development.

In the first year of the "11th Five-Year Development Plan started, the huge processing and manufacturing in China, will give the packaging and printing industry provides enormous opportunities for development. Continuously improve the grade of light industrial electronic products, such as cigarettes, alcohol, food, medicine, small appliances, cosmetics and other products, the market share is growing, the need to fine-color packaging. Printing technology continues to improve, the level of packaging technology increased accordingly. As people's living standards improve, aesthetic awareness, more and more people pay attention to packaging. In order to improve the value and added value of their products, the customer also required to enhance the level of packaging.

    Analysis from several major industry trends that need color box packaging:

    Cosmetics industry: beauty services industry in China in 2004 to 220 billion yuan, 31.9% in 2002 to 2004 the growth rate. According to information provided by the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industry Association, the national cosmetics companies issued production license statistics, there are more than 3,000 enterprises engaged in the production of cosmetics, with annual sales of 85 billion yuan in 2004, sales reached nearly 1,000 in 2005 billion, over the past few years, the annual growth rate at between 10 to 15%.

    Although China's per capita consumption of cosmetics $ 7, the only world per capita 1/7. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for cosmetics will rapidly increase, high-end, high value-added fine packaging, beautiful color cosmetic packaging box (color box generally accounted product full 15 to 20%), but also along with a substantial increase in its huge market potential, can be seen.

    The cigarette industry: national cigarette production in 2005 reached 38.55 million boxes (250 per large box, 2500 boxes, 50 000), representing an increase of 2.5% compared with 2004, the increase is not large, but the boutique, upscale proportion to rise. Preliminary forecast, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's cigarette production could reach more than 40 million boxes, soft pack at 30%, 70% hard pack, such as in accordance with a set of 2 $ 3.50 to calculate the domestic cigarette packaging printing enterprises with annual sales revenue can be increased by more than 20 billion yuan. This is just the net increase in the amount also is not the original number, and the amount of increase in the prior adjustment process. All calculations down, "Eleventh Five-Year" period can increase a total of more than 10 billion yuan of sales revenue. This is the other packaging print can not match.

    Fast because the momentum of the development of the industry, the current competitive market, the enterprises in order to compete to lower product prices, think of a way from the cost of raw materials and auxiliary materials, so it is easy to procurement inferior, harmful environmentally friendly printing materials. In order to curb the harm to people and the environment in order to reduce costs due to vicious competition and pollution, and packaging printing enterprises must first start. Economic development and protection of the environment is inevitable outstanding contradictions of traditional economic, to fundamentally resolve the deep contradictions, it must be implemented as soon as possible in the way of development to achieve sustainable consumption shift from the traditional economy to a circular economy from consumption. Based on the packaging and printing industry, the rapid development of the industry structure, effectiveness and quality of co-ordination should be noted.

    Vigorously develop green packaging and printing, is a concrete manifestation of the circular economy in the packaging and printing industry, the development of recycling economy and the essential requirements of a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development concept is to build a resource-saving society, an effective measure to promote the harmony of man and nature. As a packaging and printing industry, must proceed from a strategic height to get to know, with a global vision to grasp the importance and urgency of the development of recycling economy and further enhance the consciousness and sense of responsibility. To develop green packaging and printing, it is imperative!