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Automatic Sealing And Canning Machine

- Jul 04, 2018 -

Automatic sealing machine is generally used in automated production lines, mass production lines. Because the model is from the drilling machine transformation, so the current domestic sealing machine are large bulky sealing machine. Because of high cost, high production, technical high, won the favor of large enterprises.

Automatic sealing Machine The following figure: This model is mainly used for automatic sealing of cans.

Production speed is generally 50~200 cans/min.


1. When the jar is poured from the upper passage into the sealing machine. 2. The sealing machine which can be brought into the jar after the six-fork rotation.

The jar is covered by an automatic capping device.

3. Six forks continue to rotate the next station, the first roll of the knife began to roll the edge. 4. Six forks continue to rotate the next station.

The second volume edge presses the edge tightly. 5. Output of finished product.