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At Present, China's Tinplate Barrel (cans) Enterprises Are Facing Three Major Issues And Two Certified Three

- Sep 04, 2018 -

Three major classes are: equipment updates, raw materials and environmental protection first. Two certifications are ISO14000 and ISO9000. Who completed the correct and effective completion of the above issues, who will be able to compete in the market place, get development.
Today, there are many companies in the procurement of raw materials into the pursuit of low prices of the errors, it is worrying. In fact, the real way to reduce costs should be closely concerned about the dynamic development of raw materials and rational use, is to ensure quality and reduce the cost of scientific attitude. As we all know, the three basic materials used in the iron cans are: tinplate, paint inks and sealants, where tinplate is the most important.

First, tinplate
1, with thin on behalf of the thick: the pursuit of China's application history, 50 ~ 60 years to use the hot-dip tinplate, tin layer is 100 # or more; 70 years using tinplate plating, tin layer is 50 # - 100 # , Respectively, appeared 10 # low tin iron and chrome iron. In addition to the tin layer to thin generation thick, on the substrate more articles to do. According to the traditional size: 512 × 712m / m, 0.2m / m thickness of iron is 1750 per ton, 0.23m / m thickness of iron per ton is 1520, then 0.20m / m iron instead of 0.23m / m iron production Barrel (tank), according to 5500 yuan / ton price, can save about 825 yuan.
We consider the coil plate tinplate self-cutting, then from the purchase and utilization, but also save costs.
Now the thickness of 0.16m / m tinplate (secondary cold-rolled tinplate) for the barrel (cans), the system cover, then reduce the cost of more optimistic prospects. In fact, foreign countries have been widely used, and our country has just started, to be in the Indian iron, barrels (cans), system cover equipment as soon as possible to adapt.
2, laminating iron: laminating iron is completely not tin, and the plastic film directly through a special melting process tightly fit in the surface of thin steel plate, with the tin can not match the excellent anti-corrosion and barrel (cans) Performance, is a very promising new bucket (can) material, made with two cans instead of three cans for food or beverage cans.

Second, paint ink
Paint inks are very important for low-tin and ferrochromatic iron, and there is no good paint inks that can not have the actual value of tin or chrome iron. Now, Origen has been in the production of tomato sauce cans, which is resistant to high acid corrosion of food cans, the paint must use acid-resistant epoxy phenolic paint, the coating process and coating thickness must also be strictly controlled in order to ensure that Membrane compactness, and corrosion resistance and adhesion balance.

Third, sealant
At present, China has a lot of sealant production plant, the formula is similar to the United States Grace company's products, there will not be a big difference in performance. Therefore, to ensure the quality of the drum (cans) sealing, it is better to concentrate on the sealing roller to the material and design, more important than the sealant
In recent years, in order to eliminate environmental pollution, to ensure the health of the operator, the relevant state departments to provide instructions and promote the use of detergent, the oil is based on non-ionic surfactant, plus a small amount of active substances and anti-rust material combination to make. Adjustable to the concentration of water, is a partial alkali or neutral non-toxic or individual varieties have very little toxicity of the new degreasing agent. But the surface treatment of the oil before the degreasing process, still can not cancel the alkali treatment solvent, solution treatment and other treatment methods. These chemical solvents, the operator has a different degree of toxicity. Operation, not only splashed on the body will be corroded clothes, splashing on the skin will burn corrosive skin, more damage is the evaporation of these substances vapor and volatile, the operator inhalation, the toxic. Therefore, the operation should wear multiple layers of acid mist vapor and the reaction of the release of hydrogen, to stimulate the trachea and cause other tube damage, so wear a good acid rubber apron, gloves, masks, work clothes, work caps, acid glue whip and so on.