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Why use metal tins to package your products?

- Jul 19, 2018 -

      Formability, durability & printability are the outstanding qualities of tin plate. Tin offers a great advantage in a Consumer driven market- offering countless container shapes, presentation and storage ideas. Not only do attractive, unusual or classy tins stand out and grab attention, they are also timeless and appealing. Take a look around your home; chances are, if you have a container which you just can’t throw away, it will be made of tin. Actually, research has shown that consumers buy products packaged in tin for its potential after use rather than primarily buying the tin for its contents.    

     It is normal practice to discard packaging after use, but not so with the tin box. Tins last a life-time. This makes them environmentally friendly as well as an unusual and arresting choice of packaging. We have over 20 years of experience creating metal tins which are unique, tailor made to our clients needs; whether you are a blue-chip client requiring a striking new promotional product, or a small business needing to personalise your packaging, metal tins could add value, security and strength to your product. Branding looks impressive on tin plate; and what’s more, because metal tins are so durable, they have lasting appeal as ornaments, meaning your branding will stay in people’s homes and in their minds for much longer than your competitors.   

      In short, metal tins are a uniquely classy yet surprisingly easy and affordable form of packaging. You will see from our range that we create and manufacture tins of all shapes and sizes, for all purposes; so contact us now to see how metal tins can help your product stand out.