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What Is The Good Material For Tea Tins?

- Nov 28, 2018 -

We all know that tea is a dry goods, easy to moisture and moisture produced qualitative change, when the tea is not properly kept in the water, temperature and humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, will cause adverse biochemical reactions and microbial activities, Which leads to changes in the quality of tea. Speaking of tea storage, you have to mention Tea Tins. There are a wide variety of Tea Tins on the market. There are paper Tea Tins, stainless steel Tea Tins, tin Tea Tins, bamboo Tea Tins and so on. So how do we choose Tea Tins in our daily life?

【Tin Tea Tins】 before the market on the high-end Tea Tins to tin-based head, tin on the human body non-toxic harmless, cool sex. Good sealing performance, light, moisture, anti-odor performance, suitable for storage of more valuable tea. Prices are generally higher, but for the storage of tea is concerned, is good.

Bamboo Tea Tins sealed performance in general, affordable, suitable for storage of low-grade tea, practical environmental protection.

[Ceramic Tea Tins] clay breathable moisture, plus kiln burning, and there is no chemical addition, making this vessel is absolutely pure natural. Because of its material breathable, hidden in the tank of tea can communicate with the outside world, so the pot is more suitable for the late need to change the tea, especially for the old wolf or Pu'er awake tea. Sealing performance in general, anti-light, moisture-proof performance. Disadvantages are not durable, ill-stocked, there is the risk of breaking. More suitable for viewing.

[Iron Tea Tins] sealing performance in general, better light-proof performance, but poor moisture resistance, a long time, there may be rust. Not suitable for storage of expensive tea.

Zisha Tea Tins As the material of purple sand was double stomatal structure, is a porous material, so the use of purple clay produced Tea Tins breathable performance, used to store tea, can keep fresh tea, and tea can be different smell Digestion and volatile, so that tea becomes mellow and delicious, color as new

Wooden Tea Tins sealed performance is better, affordable, suitable for the general use of tea storage, but not moisture.

[Paper Tea Tins] sealing performance in general, low prices, suitable for public use of the family. Should not use this Tea Tins to store more valuable tea. After holding the tea, to drink as soon as possible, not suitable for a long time to save.

[Stainless steel Tea Tins] sealing performance is better, the price mid-range, moisture, light performance is better, suitable for family storage of tea in general.