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Welding Positioner

- Jul 04, 2018 -

1, HB series Welding positioner is through the tilt and rotation action to place the workpiece in a convenient welding position of the process equipment, it is mainly used for TIG, MIG/MAG or plasma automatic welding of complex workpiece (such as rack, machine, flange, spherical container, head, tee and top cover etc.), and can also be used for plasma cutting

2, HB series welding positioner mainly by working turntable, turnover mechanism, deceleration box, rack and other components

3, according to the welding speed needs to set different speed for welding, for elliptical workpiece through the partition between the welding programming, to meet the welding requirements of each section

4, compact design, high rotational accuracy, small inertia, good braking and smoothness, high precision

5, HB series Positioner with TIG, mig/mag or plasma welding power supply and control system composed of automatic welding system, in addition to the operator or welding robot linkage, the formation of a more complex automatic welding system

The manual three-dimensional regulating mechanism of the torch and the rotating mechanism can meet the need of the micro-motion adjustment of the welding torch precisely.

The pneumatic lifting mechanism of the torch and the pneumatic jacking mechanism of the tail seat can meet the requirements of automatic welding and automatic clamping, and improve the production efficiency;

According to the requirements of workpiece welding, optional pneumatic lifting bracket, seam tracking device, welding swing device;

Using motion controller programmable controller as the main control unit, Industrial touch screen interface, high degree of automation, stable and reliable welding quality; The function of the equipment can be adjusted by modifying the program and parameters of the control software, so as to realize the welding of circular, semicircle, segmental circular arc and annular weld.