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Welding operating Frame

- Jul 04, 2018 -

Welding machine is generally composed of columns, beams, slewing mechanism, trolley and other components. Each part is the building block type structure, the general pillar, the Crossbeam is its basic component, the remaining parts may according to the user request matching.

Generally applicable to the pressure vessels in the boiler drum, petrochemical containers, such as cylindrical workpiece inside and outside the longitudinal seam welding and ring seam welding. Unique beam and column section design, rail for 45th steel, after welding to stress treatment, by planing, grinding molding. Light weight, high strength, good stability.

The design of the telescopic arm in the crossbeam can effectively increase the horizontal stretching distance of the crossbeam. Cross-beam take-off and landing using AC motor constant speed, smooth, uniform, high safety factor.

With safety and fall-proof device.

Beam telescopic, column electric slewing, electric trolley are used AC Motor inverter stepless speed regulation, constant torque output, smooth speed (especially at low speed), start or stop fast, speed digital display and can be preset.

Column rotation is divided into two types of manual, electric, slewing bearing the use of domestic brand-name manufacturers of products, with high-precision gears, flexible rotation, and pneumatic locking, safe and reliable. The trolley adopts standard railway rail as the walking track, which is divided into two kinds: manual and electric.

Manual for the light and small moving range of the operation of the machine, electric is suitable for heavy or moving range of large operating machines.

Manned operating machine with manned operating platform, with the transverse arm moving together.

Using hand-control box, nose control box (welding control box) constitute close control and remote control mode, flexible operation, and set up linkage interface in the electric box, can with the company or other manufacturers at home and abroad to manufacture welding machine, roller frame, positioner, circular rotary table, etc. to achieve synchronous linkage.