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Tinplate industry classification

- Nov 21, 2018 -

According to the types of plating are divided into: tin plating, chrome plating.

According to the annealing method: CA - continuous annealing, cold rolled coil rolled into steel belt after annealing in protective atmosphere; BA - box annealing. Cold rolled steel strips are annealed in a protected atmosphere furnace in a pre - determined temperature cycle.

Tin: box annealing can produce soft processing performance of tinplate; crystallization direction is good, suitable for processing.

Continuous annealing tin: Quenched and tempered high, can save the use of tinplate thickness; homogeneous materials, also suitable for high-speed canning.

The purpose of annealing: reduce the hardness of steel, eliminate cold work hardening, improve the performance of steel, restore steel plastic deformation ability.

Eliminate residual stress of steel, stabilize microstructure, prevent deformation, uniform steel structure and chemical properties

Classification of cold rolling by rolling times: General > 0.16mm. Two cold rolling: generally less than 0.16mm

According to the classification of material: food grade MR. Chemical material SPCC. MR type steel: the vast majority of tinned steel plate for food packaging. Residual trace elements, with excellent corrosion resistance.