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- Jul 26, 2018 -

Fully automatic can making equipment production requirements           

        In the automatic packaging equipment, most is to take the coating on the tin (inner coating, coating, drying and manufacturing) again after printing solution. Different types of products, some metal packing barrels are not needed to solve, forming the process directly. Because the metal plate, tin (CR) at high temperature will affect the food and clothing, food packaging is harmful to the human body, must require anti rust, corrosion resistance, anti acid, anti leakage to achieve the above requirements through the high barrier.


        So whether clothing or children's toys, food, beverage box, jewelry box, etc. should be carried out according to the requirements of production. This requires each person can automatic equipment factory is located in the paint, coating, baking, to control the events in each link, can produce qualified products.


       Several problems can automatic equipment should be paid attention to in baking: Roasted iron cover must have a direct impact on the quality of quality of clothes and food processing, and various kinds of machining quality problems. Therefore, coating plays a very important role in iron. Currently used for coating iron equipment, the important heating system can be divided into coal-fired heating, kerosene, natural gas, heating and electric heating four. No matter what method you can, you can meet the following heating requirements.


       Tinplate printing production of products with novel and special decoration design exquisite printing effect, important for packaging products, such as oil tank, spray cans, beverage cans, food cans, trash cans, bottles, toys, battery basin, JiaoJuanHe and so on. Product specifications varieties of metal packaging complex, important products are two piece aluminum cans, tin three pieces of beverage cans, food cans, aerosol cans, 1-20 liters of chemical barrel cap, easy open lids, all kinds of miscellaneous cans, 35 - 208 liters of cold and hot rolled galvanized steel, the outer barrel tank capacity.