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The production line technology of sealing and Canning machine

- Jul 04, 2018 -

The packaging of cans is simpler and easier to control than bottled and barrel-mounted.

A can filling line of the main equipment by the tank machine, punching machine, filler, sealing machine, inkjet code machine, after packaging technology (open box machine, packing machine, sealing machine and so on) composition, filling speed according to different materials and vary.

Process: Bottle into the tank machine, the tank machine due to slow rotation, guide the introduction of the principle of the can be introduced to the conveyor belt, through the washing machine, flow into the filling machine, different materials through different filling filling machines, into the sealing machine.

Last dozen yards, after the packing process. Depending on the material, the process is different, such as milk powder cans line, beer canning Line, beverage canning Line and so on.