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The probability of green packaging

- Oct 18, 2018 -

Material elements
Material elements include basic material (paper, plastic materials, glass materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, bamboo materials, and other composite materials, etc.) and auxiliary materials (adhesives, paint and ink, etc.), two parts, packaging the material basis function (protection, convenient and sales) to be realized, directly related to the overall function and economic costs of packaging and production of a wide range of processing methods and packaging waste recycling problem.

Green packaging design, material selection should follow the following principles.
(1) Lightweight, thin, easily separated, and a high-performance packing materials.
(2) recyclable and renewable packaging materials.
(3) the edible packaging material.
(4) biodegradable packaging materials.
(5) the use of natural resources, development of natural ecological packaging material.

Shape factor
The shape of the packaging is a major aspect of the packaging design the shape elements include the size and shape of the surface of the packaging show. If the exterior design is reasonable, you can save the packaging materials, reduce packaging costs, reduce environmental pressure. In considering the shape of the design elements of packaging, we should give preference to those savings in raw material geometry. Various geometry, if the same volume, the surface area of the spherical body is smallest; for the prismatic body, a small surface area of the surface area of the cube than the rectangular parallelepiped; for the cylinder, when the cylinder of the bottom surface diameter of a circle, its surface area is the smallest.

The excellent packaging shape design should follow the following principles.
(1) combined with the characteristics of the product, and make full use of the elements of shape of goods 

     Aesthetic Principles.

(2) to adapt to market demand, accurate market positioning, creating brand personality.
(3) to "light, thin, short, small" to put an end to the excessive packaging, to exaggerate packaging and useless
(4) to draw inspiration from nature, using simulation techniques packaging shape design innovation.
(5) take full account of environmental and ergonomic factors.
(6) active use of new technology, new materials, modern packaging shape design.
(7) to develop a series packing shape design.

Technical elements

If we really want to reach the green packaging standards, only to rely on more than 4:00 is imperfect, and also need green packaging technology as a supplement. Here that the technical elements, including packaging design equipment. Process. Energy and the use of technology. The so-called green technology, to reduce pollution, reduce consumption, pollution control or improve the ecological system.

Green packaging design elements include the following points.
(1) processing equipment and energy is environmentally friendly, does not produce detrimental environmental gas, liquid, light, heat, taste. Pollution production technology and production processes on the environment without using low-power devices. The process does not produce toxic and harmful substances.
(2) enhance the a detachable packaging design, so that consumers can easily be dismantled in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection packaging.
(3) to strengthen the green the auxiliaries, green ink developed.