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The Cookie Tins Will Analyze The Development Of The Packaging Industry

- Nov 27, 2018 -

In the information under the wave, the domestic industry has entered the ranks of the pace of information, information become an irresistible trend. However, compared to other industries, China's packaging industry information technology is still relatively backward, far lower than the average level of domestic information construction, which will inevitably restrict the further development of China's packaging industry, widening China's packaging industry and international level difference.

     In order to make the already backward packaging industry will not be submerged in the trend of information technology, we should be enough understanding, careful analysis of China's packaging industry information technology problems, summed up mainly in several aspects.

     In the industry, information awareness is not enough, the understanding of information technology obvious deviation. Most packaging companies regard the simple operation of computers and networks as informatization. Some packaging companies even skeptical of information technology, information on the degree of attention is not enough. Some packaging business decision-makers are accustomed to experience, only traditional approach to deal with the problem, and did not realize that today's society has entered the information age, information determines the future and fate.

     As most of the packaging business managers of information technology and the development of the relationship between the enterprise itself is not enough, so the investment in enterprise information is relatively limited. Survey shows that the vast majority of packaging enterprises for information technology investment is usually only accounted for less than 4% of the new. This figure is very different from the international industry.

     Packaging is a new but full of vitality of the industry, is based on this, suitable for China's packaging industry application-specific software is still very little. Foreign companies to develop the packaging software is not necessarily fully suited to the domestic situation, the software or not to achieve the development needs Moreover, the price is extremely expensive, the general packaging companies difficult to accept. The domestic self-developed packaging industry software can not fully meet the needs of packaging enterprises, and the degree of userization is not high.