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The advantages of tinplate can easy open lids?

- Oct 13, 2018 -

After the surface of ordinary tinned sheet iron made into exquisite tinplate, tin which has a protective effect, because of the need will be different patterns in tin-plated surface, life is often made of the tin cans, lids, and become tin cans, metal cover . General jars for packaging fine, will be printed on its surface. Tinplate Can Easy Open Lids and other packaging material superiority compared to what?

1, raw iron can be recycled.

2, environmental friendly compliance with international environmental requirements, in line with future product trends.

3, starting from the 14th century began to be applied to tinplate packaging industry, so the technology is mature and advanced high technology production efficiency, to meet a variety of product packaging needs.

4, good mechanical properties of tin cans strength, rigidity, and easy to break.

5, tin cans have excellent barrier properties are superior than any other material barrier, gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, shading, Paul fragrance are good, coupled with a reliable seal that can reliably protect products.

6 beautifully decorated: good printing properties of metallic materials; design trademark bright and beautiful, the prepared containers compelling, is an excellent sales package.

7 tin cans can be made into various shapes according to the different needs of various shapes, such as square cans, oval cans, round cans, horseshoe, trapezoid, both to meet the needs of different product packaging, and the packaging container more changes, promoting sales.

8, in the canned food market has been well received by the Tin Can Easy Open End Manufacturers and consumers.

9, in recent years, with the demand for the increasing demands of low-carbon, lightweight tin cans become the focus of the market chase. Many manufacturers have invested energy in the lightweight tin cans, I believe in the future, the market competitiveness will be further strengthened.