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Tea Tins Are Not Suitable For Preservation In A Refrigerator

- Nov 27, 2018 -

When the tea is not properly stored, in the water, temperature and humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, will cause adverse biochemical reactions and microbial activities, resulting in changes in the quality of tea, so when stored, what containers, what method , Have a certain request.

From the texture of the distinction, the tea cans generally have tin, iron, ceramics, glass, paper, etc., which use a double-layer cover of iron color tea and long-necked tin bottle is better, with ceramic storage tea , Then the mouth of the big belly is appropriate.

Due to take into account the price and production process and other factors, the market is widely used in most of the iron tea cans, because of its favorite by the public. Titanium tea cans, once as high-tech aerospace materials, titanium has also entered the homes of ordinary people. The use of titanium's unique advantages, light weight, high hardness, good metallic luster, good biological affinity, non-toxic tasteless without radiation, polished, polished, Seiko fine cut, made a variety of shapes and patterns of titanium tea The

Its tank has a good sealing effect and never fade. Appearance by physical and chemical color processing, the formation of a variety of patterns, filling elegant and generous. Is a practical and collection of advanced life supplies, it is your best choice for friends and family gifts. In ancient times, it is usually filled with pottery containers, rich families also use tin containers to dress, modern packaging is generally inside the tea foil is now vacuum tea packaging, the purpose is to achieve a better sealing effect. In the general teahouse, with large mouth glass bottles to install tea, its purpose is to make customers more clearly see the tea phase.

There are tea leaves into the refrigerator to save, in fact, not all of the tea is suitable for storage in the refrigerator. Green tea, oolong tea and imperial tea, suitable for storage in the refrigerator, the three kinds of tea at high temperatures easy to break down, the color will become brown. But the premise is not with the smell of things placed in the refrigerator, or easy to taste, therefore, mind the first tea into the tin, and then wrapped with plastic wrap, and then into the refrigerator.

Tea and Pu'er tea is not suitable for storage in the refrigerator, because the low temperature conditions will inhibit the aroma, reduce the concentration of tea aroma, and Pu'er tea is fermented tea, the fermentation is through the enzyme to play a role, and the enzyme needs in the ventilation, cool, dry Of the environment in order to maximize the role. So, Pu'er and tea, not suitable for the refrigerator, as long as the storage can be saved in the tin.