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Steel pail making line processing product type

- Aug 10, 2018 -

At present, steel drums can be processed to produce steel buckets of different structural types for different production requirements. In general, the structural types of steel buckets mainly include four forms, namely: full-opening tight-ear cover bucket, full-opening seal cover bucket, closed-necked bucket and closed bucket.


In order to ensure the production quality of the steel drum combination production line, in addition to standard operation and daily maintenance of equipment, it is also necessary to carry out quality inspection of finished steel drums. In the quality inspection process, the performance and quality of the finished product are first checked to ensure compliance with production requirements. In addition, the structural dimensions and appearance quality of the finished product should be checked.


So, what methods should be used to conduct experiments? Generally, the quality inspection of finished products for steel drum combination production line mainly includes airtight test inspection, hydraulic test inspection, drop test inspection, stacking code inspection inspection, lifting beam, lifting strength test inspection and paint film adhesion measurement.