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- Jul 25, 2018 -

  At present, the tin cans on the market are normally in them some kind of coating surface seal, the purpose is to prevent can filler with the can wall between chemistry and trace elements of filler pollution, to protect the the quality of the filler. Packaging products can be stored, transported and sold for a long period of time without affecting the value of their use. The following is an example of the principle, process and production process of tin can coating.

      Tin can is currently the most outstanding in the canned food packaging materials, the efficiency to a great extent due to internal coating is an important protective role, the performance of coatings not only should have corrosion resistance, but also should have good adhesion, flexibility, avirulent insipidity. The coating must be able to withstand high temperature without losing its performance. In addition, it is necessary to select the type of coating and the coating thickness of the coating according to the contents of the can.

      The coating thickness is generally required to be between 3.5~6.0 g/m2. , within the scope of the thickness, coating porosity to a certain extent, the contents of a tube with liquid penetrate through the gap to the surface of tin, tin, slow welding tin ion formation, so as to extend the shelf life for the purpose of the pot.